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Frequently Asked Questions About TV Frame Company

Q: Why do I need a TV frame?
A: TVís are housed in very modern looking gloss black housings. This look might work if your tastes are very minimalistic. Most homes and businesses require a warmer appearance, something that blends with the areaís dťcor. Since these TVís are usually in very high visibility locations, it becomes even more important that they fit in. Our frames and enclosures transform the appearance of modern TVís creating a powerful focal point in any home or business. In commercial installations, our enclosures provide a high degree of security, housing and protecting expensive monitors, wiring, computers, digital cameras and other sensitive electronics in a beautiful and lockable enclosure.

Q: Will a frame detract from the video image?
A: Like framing and matting a picture, our custom TV frames will increase the visual impact of your video display.

Q: What kind of TVís do you build frames for?
A: Our custom frames can improve the appearance of any flat panel TV. We have built frames and enclosures for flat panel TVís ranging in size from 42" to 65" as well as digital signs and touch screen LCDís up to 47". We have also created frames for front projection screens up to 109".

Q: What is the difference between a frame and an enclosure?
A: The difference is our frames are typically 4" deep and our enclosures are typically 8-9" deep. The frames are deep enough to conceal the black plastic TV chassis and create an appropriate and proportionate depth but do not attempt to totally block a view to the back of the TV. The deeper enclosures go back to the wall and totally block the view of the TV back, wall bracket, wires, etc.

Q: Wonít seeing the wires behind the framed TV be objectionable?
A: You eye is drawn to the frameís beautiful detail, natural materials and furniture finish, not whatís going on behind it. However, we do have clients who want to conceal that view as well as protect expensive electronics so we offer the enclosures.

Q: How is the equipment ventilated?
A: Our frames provide a free air space between the frame and the TV plus several inches in the back so ventilation is unimpeded. Our deeper enclosures are designed with elongated slots in the top and bottom for effective passive ventilation. If yours is a commercial application that stays on 24/7, we highly recommend our active ventilation option that utilizes two 3Ē whisper fans (always on) to effectively move air up and out through vent ports in the top of the enclosure. This is a $150 option that could double the life of your monitor and other electronics.

Q: Can your frames be used with TVís with integrated speakers?
A: Yes. We donít try to conceal these speakers, although up to 30% of the speaker can be covered without any acoustical compromise.

Q: Do your frames cover my IR remote sensor?
A: If you have a monitor without front speakers and a small consistent bezel our frame could cover the remote control sensor. If so, we incorporate Ďstand-offsí to provide a small space between the frame and TV to accommodate a remote IR repeater system flasher. These can be purchased from any Audio Video dealer. TVís with integrated speakers that remain visible will probably have its sensor visible as well.

Q: How are they installed?
A: Just hang it on the TV and secure it with the nylon strap around the back of TV.

Q: Can you match the color of my existing furniture?
A: No, currently we do not do custom color matching but we do offer a wide range of stains and finishes. If you need something matched, we would be glad to provide frames that are unfinished. You can then get a local finisher to match your existing finish.

Q: Where are your frames built?
A: Our frames are built with pride by Americans and have the look and feel of old world quality and workmanship.

Q: Why should I buy a TV frame from you and not your competitors?
A: Our frames maintain the same high standards that we have set for our high-end custom audio video furniture for over twenty years. We offer the highest quality, the widest range of sizes, styles, materials, finishes and applications available.

Q: How are they shipped?
A: We build a wooden crate with internal padding and ship (typically) FedEx Freight.

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